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Investment Strategies

Seeking your Financial Independence plan?


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Identify loans by their specific purpose

Gearing (borrowing to make) an investment is a popular strategy to improve the wealth of many Australians: investment assets they gear include rental property (residential, commercial, industrial etc), shares and managed funds. One of the benefits of gearing an investment portfolio is the tax deduction for the interest that is attributable to the assets generating […]

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SMSF Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy generally

An SMSF Investment Strategy is as important to the members of an SMSF as it is to any investor, whether in relation to superannuation assets or those outside of the superannuation environment: in the case of the SMSF however, the significance takes on an added dimension – the legal obligation of the trustees […]

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Your personal Insurance Philosophy

Do you have a personal insurance philosophy?

Do you have an opinion as to the value of insurance (as a risk management strategy)?

Do you regularly review both your attitude towards – and the amount of protection you have through – insurance policies?


Risk pervades all aspects of our lives and whether we are aware of them, or […]

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Federal Budget 2015 and its effect on Retirement


Please note the following announcements were made on Budget night 12 May 2015, these announcements have not yet been passed by the parliament and therefore are not law.

Before acting on any of these announcements please speak to one of our advisers at Continuum, to ensure it is appropriate to your personal situation.



Alignment of aged care means testing […]

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