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Interest Rates Lower for Longer?

Interest rates to stay low for a long time yet Investors and retirees be warned – Interest Rates could remain at low levels for the next decade and possibly longer. At least that’s the base case expressed by Australian based International Fund Manager, Platinum Asset Management at their late-April 2016 Adviser Briefing held in Brisbane. [...]

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Market Outlook 2016

The 2015 backdrop to the market outlook for 2016 -  As 2015 drew to a close, we reflected on the disappointments of the year from an investment returns perspective. We then turned our minds toward 2016 hoping, rather than expecting, that the market outlook is for a better year. In this post, we bring you the market [...]

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Interest cost deductibility

Interest cost claimed as a tax deduction One of the factors considered in making a decision as to whether to gear an investment, is interest cost deductibility. Gearing is a popular strategy used by many Australians to improve their wealth. Popular investment assets acquired in a geared portfolio include rental property (residential, commercial, industrial etc), shares and managed funds. [...]

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SMSF Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy generally The development of an SMSF Investment Strategy is as important a process to the members of an SMSF as is an investment strategy to any investor. Whether in relation to superannuation or non-superannuation investing, investors use this process to consider all of the elements that influence successful investing. In the case of the SMSF however, [...]