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One of the recommendations often made by finance industry journalists about when you are considering engagement with a financial planner, is to look for verification from friends and/ or existing clients of the firm to see if you can identify characteristics that appeal to you. A couple of instances are: The Sydney Morning Herald Money page – from which the following quote is taken, “Consumers should ask the planner if he or she can refer you to those who have used their services.“; and the New Daily gives this advice on the linked page – “..use people power, and ..(seek) consumers … information about advice and advisors to get (your) own reliable measure about how to find a good advisor

A number of satisfied clients of Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd have expressed their delight with and appreciation of, the service they receive from our team of advisers and our adviser support team. The clients who have provided these kind words of support and expressions of satisfaction have experienced the service engagement as set out in the associated pages Our Offering and our Fee Policy arrangements that you can read more about from the drop down menu that led you to this page. 

Some of the testimonials talk about our readiness to go to great lengths to ensure they are totally satisfied with the service they have sought from us, others appreciate the conservative approach we take to both the development of the strategies we put in place for them; and with the approach we take in the initial engagement process. To satisfy your need to know about working with us, start with a read from our satisfied clients and service providers in the following pages…

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Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd
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byEric Walters onContinuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd
Compliant, co-operative and client-conscious

From the Managing Director– Securitor, following a report after our 2013 compliance audit:

"Hey Eric,

Thought I would pass this on. It would make a very good testimonial for some of your potential clients....

I reviewed the 2 directors of Continuum (Eric and Warwick) this week – as expected standard was excellent but things that stand out to me

-Feedback is not only welcomed and it is asked for if not demanded.

-They volunteer complicated strategies to be looked at so the appropriate feedback can be given (and I can say a few of the clients I viewed were the big end of town)

-The review in itself is great to conduct, everything is basically laid out on a platter for you with regard access to information.

In the end the issue from my end is though – they offer not good but excellent advice and service to clients. The type of practice to me that can be used as a role model

And also from a compliance manager that sometimes sees ...(just)... the mundane they have really interesting clients as well so its not just a ‘ ho hum’ review.

A practice that is great to deal with !

Peter N - Compliance Development Manager Qld, Governance & Advisory, BT Financial Group"

We really appreciate the commendation from our Compliance auditor - and from Matt, then managing Director of Securitor (in November 2013!)

byWendy, Carina Heights onContinuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd
Great service and advice

I would just like to thank you for all the effort you put in to our matters: Thanks too for the support and advice you are always willing to give.

Thanks for your kind words Wendy: it's always nice to have the team's efforts recognised.

byDon Burford onContinuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd
Consistent proactive service

Eric has been dealing with my family’s financial affairs since we moved to Queensland in the early ‘70s. He was our first accountant after we moved here and over the years has provided us with business investment and superannuation advice that has supported our commitments to our family-operated manufacturing business.

Since Eric moved into the financial planning role, his team at Continuum Financial Planners, particularly Warwick, have been a trusted sounding board for decisions we have needed to make in relation to various investment matters.

Eric, Warwick and their team keep us informed of developments in investment markets, about regulation changes affecting retirement planning and income streams and provide counsel about structuring the investments we have accumulated.

Whilst they are proactive in keeping us advised about investment offers that are likely to suit our needs, they are never ‘pushy’ even if they feel we might be missing an opportunity. When able, we enjoy attending the client briefings or other ‘educational’ events they put on, giving us an opportunity to hear the viewpoint of other fund managers and strategists.

Our family looks forward to an ongoing working relationship with ContinuumFP for many years to come.

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