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Budget Highlights 2017

Each year after the Federal Treasurer brings down the government’s budget (or at least its aspirations of such) for the ensuing year, we summarise highlights for the benefit of our readers1. ContinuumFP’s Budget Highlights 2017 focuses on the usual key areas of Taxation, Superannuation and Social Security (Centrelink); and this year, Housing (Affordability) merits a mention. [...]

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Gearing wealth creation – capital gains

Wealth creation without breaking the Bank Gearing wealth creation has long been a popular investment strategy: the level of gearing employed significantly impacts the performance of the investment portfolio. Since the 2013 Federal election in Australia, when Negative Gearing was demonised as a cause for high housing cost and low affordability, there has been ‘chatter’ about [...]

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Economic and Markets Outlook 2017

Economic and Markets Outlook 2017 Introduction: Formulating an economic and markets outlook 2017 gives us a platform from which to guide our investment philosophy for the year ahead. We share it with our clients as part of the transparency of our process in fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities to them - and for the interest of [...]

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Residential Property Investment

Residential property investment is popular with Australians: this popularity is based on the ‘urban myths’ that - property prices increase consistently (that ‘you can’t go wrong with bricks and mortar’); and residential property prices are not volatile (as are share prices). An article published by Research house CoreLogic RP Data1 in February 2016 was recently brought [...]

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