The Value of Advice confirmed

The value of advice (or at least, that we place on advice) is an important aspect of how we act with confidence in many life experiences: in this article, we focus on the value of advice in a wealth management/ financial planning environment.  In that context, we contemplate: the hierarchy of value of advice, some [...]

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Managing Money and Debt

Managing Money and Debt Managing money and debt is one of the key responsibilities of governments. The management of money and debt is an important consideration for investors and for the broader economy.  The money available and in circulation in the economy is in the control of governments and the central banks; and debt is [...]

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Market volatility 2020

Investor uncertainty leads to Market Volatility Market volatility is an ever-present feature of investing: it is heightened during times of investor uncertainty. In this post we focus on those days in late March 2020, that saw the U.S. Equities market (as represented on the S&P 500 Wall Street index) decline 29% within a couple of [...]

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Video Socialising

Tips and ideas for using video conferencing technology during times of remoteness or isolation. Video socialising is a great way to familiarise yourself with the technology, the processes and the experience of 'meeting online' with family, friends - and service providers, such as your Financial Planner, your Accountant; and perhaps, your Lawyer.  During the period [...]

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