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Economic and Markets Outlook 2022

Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd produces its annual Economic and Markets Outlook to provide a backdrop for clients (existing and prospective) to understand the framework on which we will base investment recommendations, at least during the first two quarters of the year.  In this instance, the outlook is for the 2022 calendar year.  (To review prior year editions of this topic, search our Blog Category Market Updates.) Several issues have [...]

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Financial Education for children

Financial education for children (of all ages) is a gift that will see them in good stead for the rest of their lives.  As a responsible parent/ adult, mindful of your goal to provide financial independence for yourself and for your family, you have established a financial planning strategy; you have accumulated financial wealth; you have a well-considered ‘estate plan’; and to the extent necessary, supported this with life insurances [...]

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Teaching children good financial habits

Teaching children good financial habits is one of the many important tasks that parents grapple with, often starting with the discussion about how much pocket money should the children get, how much authority do they have to deal with that pocket money – and is there an accepted scale of paying the pocket money for performing different tasks?  You may be surprised to read that the premise of that question [...]

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Investor risk profiling explained

At its core, investor risk profiling is a process used to assess the level of risk that an investor is willing to take with their financial assets.  The investable assets can be siloed, and a different risk profile applied to each group of assets; however, the overall risk profile of the entire portfolio should remain within the range tolerable to the investor. Each investment asset class has an array of [...]

Investment Anxiety

Investment anxiety is a natural phenomenon, especially amongst those who are either new to the world of investing, or who have been caught in a steep market correction for the first time in their investor experience.  It can also strike seasoned investors when their concurrent personal circumstances have changed adversely.  Picture this …. You wake up one morning to hear the news that there has been a significant fall in [...]

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