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Planning Business Succession arrangements

 an opportunity for collaboration between your financial planner, your accountant and your lawyer Planning Business Succession arrangements is an important process that should be undertaken by all business operators – whether the business operates as a sole trader, partnership, trust or a limited liability company. In a nutshell, business succession planning provides a strategy - [...]

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Appointing an EPA

Appointing an EPA - what is that; and, when is one needed? Appointing an EPA is an important process that can save a lot of inconvenience and embarrassment during times of indisposition. An Enduring Power of Attorney (an EPA) is an important legal document that can be self-prepared - or preferably, be professionally prepared - to empower another person to [...]

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Testamentary Trusts revisit

Why a Testamentary Trusts revisit? The testamentary trusts revisit is made for the benefit of clients and readers who have come to our site, without any prior awareness of the features and benefits of this estate planning tool. Whilst testamentary trusts are not suited to every estate plan, awareness about them ensures that as circumstances [...]

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Invalid Will negates Estate Planning

Some 'features' of an Invalid Will Estate plans have been negated in the past by an Invalid Will. Wills have been found to be invalid for a number of reasons. The more common causes of the invalidity, include – Incorrectly signed/ witnessed (or in fact, unsigned); Witnessed by ‘inappropriate’ people; and ‘incapacity’ on the part [...]

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