Video Socialising

Tips and ideas for using video conferencing technology during times of remoteness or isolation. Video socialising is a great way to familiarise yourself with the technology, the processes and the experience of 'meeting online' with family, friends - and service providers, such as your Financial Planner, your Accountant; and perhaps, your Lawyer.  During the period of the COVID-19 containment lockdowns many of us are learning or enhancing skills in regard [...]

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Choose the right Credit Card

...and review the credit card choice regularly! Choosing the right credit card isn't always an easy exercise. The following article is posted for convenient reference by our readers: it is a copy of the article acknowledged as - Source: The Sunday Mail (Qld) February 05, 2012. Author – Noel Whittaker 1 NOTE 1: The government's MoneySmart website has a Page dedicated to this topic and we have provided a link here, to [...]

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Recommend ContinuumFP on Google and more

Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd wants to share You are invited to recommend ContinuumFP website and our social media channels to your family, your friends and your colleagues: and also to log into your Google account to recommend us on the Google search page. Continuum Financial Planners (ContinuumFP) readily shares the detailed and informative wealth management articles in its website articles Library (from which you are currently reading): and having [...]

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Lifestyle goals achieved

Lifestyle goals achieved - and the stories from them - shared by you, can be a wealth management inspiration to others. Part of the benefits of being structured in your wealth management, includes lifestyle experiences. In this post, we are seeking input from our readers as to some of the enjoyable travel and other lifestyle experiences (checking off 'the bucket list') that they are willing to share with others. We [...]

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Letter of Wishes used in Estate Planning

Have you considered leaving a letter of wishes with your last Will and Testament? A clearly stated letter of wishes could be invaluable to the executor of your estate, particularly for those items that may not have been considered of sufficient financial value to warrant specific mention in your Will. A letter of wishes is not a substitute for a Will, need not have any formal structure, may be varied [...]

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