Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies

Market volatility influences investment activity

That market volatility influences market activity, can be understood when it is realised that markets are driven by a number of factors, none the least of which are supply, demand, liquidity and price. With prices rising and falling by dramatic amounts in short periods of time (volatility); and liquidity created by such market action, investors [...]

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Investment success contributor: taxation

Are negative gearing and capital gains tax discounts sustaining your investment success? The investment success contributor for a large number of ‘ordinary’ Australians, is found taxation legislation, supported by settled Case law, in two key areas: Negative gearing deduction; and Capital Gains Tax discounting. From an economic standpoint, housing affordability and first home owner participation [...]

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Gearing wealth creation – capital gains

Wealth creation without breaking the Bank Gearing wealth creation has long been a popular investment strategy: the level of gearing employed significantly impacts the performance of the investment portfolio. Since the 2013 Federal election in Australia, when Negative Gearing was demonised as a cause for high housing cost and low affordability, there has been ‘chatter’ about [...]

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Residential Property Investment

Residential property investment is popular with Australians: this popularity is based on the ‘urban myths’ that - property prices increase consistently (that ‘you can’t go wrong with bricks and mortar’); and residential property prices are not volatile (as are share prices). An article published by Research house CoreLogic RP Data1 in February 2016 was recently brought [...]

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