Retirement Planning Strategies

Investing surplus cashflow

- from minimum pension drawdown... Does your minimum pension drawdown give rise to surplus cashflow? Have you thought about investing surplus cashflow arising from your pension drawdown? Investing surplus cashflow is most typically a dilemma for self-funding retirees whose pensions accounts provide pension benefits in excess of their lifestyle needs. In response, they seek advice about how best to use those funds effectively (rather than ‘wastefully’). One particular strategy for investing surplus cashflow has been a [...]

Capping Superannuation funding

Why is capping superannuation funding in question? Governments around the world are facing debt concerns that threaten their ability to provide welfare, health, education and other services. In this scenario they are looking for ways to reduce their outgoings - and protect their revenue base. In Australia, one method the government is looking to implement to provide such protection is by capping superannuation funding. This will achieve their goal in two [...]

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Retirement dreams

Bringing retirement dreams to reality Retirement dreams are what motivate many of us to work - particularly for the last several years of working life. To dream is important, but to bring the dream to life, takes planning, focus and effort. This article sets out some of the key questions that will need addressing; and links to related articles with more in-depth coverage of some of the primary issues. Retirement: [...]

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Retirement planning eases anxiety

Does the thought of retirement planning cause you (financial) anxiety? Retirement planning, like any planning, will help you understand the pathway to your chosen destination. Planning is a process that helps to take the strain out of issues and events that might otherwise be challenging even traumatic. Good planning will take into account all manner of potential crises, windfalls and opportunities. First thoughts of retirement can give rise to a level of [...]

Transition to Retirement

Funding transition to retirement Looking to ease into retirement?  A number of our clients have made a transition to retirement that is not a burden financially - and it has helped them prepare for some of the challenges of full retirement. (Full retirement we are told, can bring challenges psychologically unless preparation and planning are adequate.1) Those over 55 years of age2 and having sufficient superannuation funds accumulated, have been [...]

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