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Life Insurance Sensibility

What is your attitude to Life Insurance? There is often an air of reluctance to discuss personal life risk matters.  Life insurance sensibility is your general attitude to this topic. In this post, we trust that you will come to see that some of the life risks that you encounter can: have a devastating effect on your [...]

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Life Insurance within Superannuation

Are there benefits to holding Life Insurance within Superannuation? It is widely considered that holding certain types of Life Insurance within Superannuation is acceptable practice. For some people, this is the only personal risk protection they have. The types of insurance typically allowed is restricted to policies that provide benefits that accord with the purpose of the superannuation system. [...]

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TPD Insurance within Superannuation

Should I hold my TPD insurance within Superannuation? In our article 'Superannuation linked Life Insurance', we discussed which insurance products could be taken through a superannuation account. TPD Insurance is one product that is eligible to be held within superannuation. We  also revealed some of the limitations on such a practice, that are imposed through the Superannuation [...]

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Income Replacement Insurance

Income replacement insurance: Comparing Income Protection Insurance with Salary Continuance Insurance Income replacement insurance is a form of wealth protection that provides an income stream to replace a 'normal' income stream (such as wages or profit from a self-employed business). It is important to provide financial stability during times of interrupted earning occasioned by accident [...]

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