Year-end strategies 2013

Are you ready? The financial year-end is less than five weeks away (at the time of writing). Year-end strategies 2013 focuses on ensuring that your financial housekeeping is in order so as to optimise your tax and wealth protection in a timely way.  The checklist below includes a few matters that may require your attention – and soon! 'Year-end strategies 2013' is provided for general information only. Before acting on [...]

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Children’s investment income taxed

What tax is payable on children's investment income (minors)? The tax rates payable by individuals, resident of Australia, on income earned from all sources are set out in Tables on this page on the ATO website. The effect is that no tax is payable on taxable income until it is clearly in excess of $20,000 (as at June 2021). Children's investment income is caught under specific taxing rules. Where the individual [...]

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Financial Year-end checklist 2012

You want to save tax, right? The following financial year-end checklist 2012, is of items that we can help you get in place by the end of this financial year so as to minimise your tax for this year, or ensure that next year’s tax burden is lightened: Capital Gains: offset strategies are available Superannuation Contributions: can you contribute more without breaching the ‘cap’? Income Protection Insurance: act now to [...]

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Investment success contributor: Salary Packaging

Salary packaging as an investment success contributor We are all looking for investment success contributors: salary packaging is one of the more accessible, and if used effectively, very successful. Salary Packaging can lead to financial benefit In readiness for the start of each new financial year, as we reflect on how effectively we have utilised the financial resources available to us during the past financial year, we often hear discussion [...]

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Financial year end 2012 readiness

Does the preparation of your tax return find you having to pay tax rather than to receive a refund? To state the obvious, this arises when you have no tax paid, or you haven’t paid sufficient instalments to cover the year’s liability. So now you have to plan payment of the last year’s tax - and think of ways to manage your tax affairs so as to not be ‘caught [...]

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