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Market volatility advantages

Market volatility is perpetual Market Volatility advantages the prudent investor; and the good news is that it is an ever-present feature of investment asset markets. It is the feature of investing that gives inexperienced investors most cause for concern - particularly when the rate of change in volatility increases in short timeframes.   It is [...]

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Planning Business Succession arrangements

 an opportunity for collaboration between your financial planner, your accountant and your lawyer Planning Business Succession arrangements is an important process that should be undertaken by all business operators – whether the business operates as a sole trader, partnership, trust or a limited liability company. In a nutshell, business succession planning provides a strategy - [...]

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Economic and Markets Outlook 2018

Economic and Markets Outlook for 2018 – a ContinuumFP, in-house opinion Following our practice over a number of years now, our Economic and Markets Outlook 2018 is presented so that clients, prospective clients and our readers generally are aware of the expectations that our Investment Committee has for the calendar year that has recently commenced. [...]

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