0902 Continuum eNews February 2009

Welcome Welcome back to all our eClients. This is our first eNewsletter for 2009 and we look forward to bringing you better news over the next several months than was available over the past year and more. Please feel free to Forward this eNewsletter to friends, family or colleagues. Client Update Events Clients being serviced from our Noosa office and in the Warwick District should be on the lookout for [...]

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1006 Continuum eNews June 2010

Where did it go?...the year… 30 June is only a fortnight away and it seems only yesterday that we were talking about the financial year that ended 30 June 2009 – and the fact that the year whilst down overall, was finishing... Read More Where did it go?...the money… A question often asked at year’s end: we look at the statement of our salary or profits and then we look [...]

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1010 Continuum eNews October 2010

‘wrap’ of the Client Briefings The recent round of Client Briefings finished this week with Warwick presentation held Wednesday 13 October - at the Jackie Howe Motel. The agenda for the meetings included presentations from key speakers on Economic Update and Financial Market projections; as well as Intergenerational Wealth Planning. A brief précis of these presentations... Read More Where is the value? We are all conscious of the costs of [...]

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1012 Continuum eNews December 2010

Thank you to all our all of our loyal clients - long-standing and the new - for your patronage during 2010. We all look forward to continuing to be of service to you during the coming year. Thank you also to our service partners: again we look forward to working with you again in 2011. Some barbeque topics (about the 2010 markets) All Ords - down 0.56% Listed Property (S&P/ASX300 [...]

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0903 Continuum eNews March 2009

Please feel free to forward our eNews communications to your contacts (and let us know who you have sent it to) Economics and some market facts  As most investors will be aware, Central Banks, such as the Reserve Bank of Australia, play an important role in managing their economies through a combination of both fiscal policy and monetary policy. Fiscal policy relates basically to the level of interest rates. For [...]

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