The Government is tightening eligibility for family payments by making a number of changes to Family Tax Benefit A (FTB-A) and Family Tax Benefit B (FTB-B).

From 1 July 2014:

  • The payment rates of FTB-A and FTB-B, excluding supplements will stay at current levels until 30 June 2016.
  • FTB income thresholds will stay at current levels for three years. The income threshold for the maximum rate of FTB-A will remain at $48,837 per annum and the lower income earner threshold for FTB-B will remain at $5,183 per annum until 30 June 2017.


From 1 July 2015:

  • The FTB-B primary earner income limit will be reduced from $150,000 to $100,000 per annum. The income threshold for the Dependent (Invalid and Carer) Tax Offset will also be reduced to $100,000.
  • FBT-B payments will be paid until the youngest child turns six. A transitional arrangement will ensure families with a youngest child aged six and over on 30 June 2015 will remain eligible for FTB-B for two years.
  • A new allowance of $750 per child for single parents on the maximum rate of FTB-A whose youngest child is aged between six and 12 years old from the point when they become ineligible for FTB-B will be introduced.
  • year supplements return to their original amounts of $600 per annum per FTB-A child and $300 per family per annum for each FTB-B family.
  • A Large Family Supplement (currently $313.90 per child per annum) will be limited to families with four or more children.
  • Removal of the FTB-A per child add-on to the higher income free threshold for each additional child.
  • FTB-A high income-free area will be $94,316 per annum for all families.