There are a number of key areas in which a Financial Planner can add value to your wealth management strategy. The extent to which you engage with your financial planner in these areas will depend on where you are on your financial journey. As trite as it may sound, two important issues that a Financial Planner should bring for those seeking financial independence for the future are the ‘sleep at night’ factor; and ‘peace of mind’ for the investor and their dependants.

There is one matter that is often expected of a financial planner that cannot be guaranteed – and that is to have continuous growth in the value of portfolio assets! Your Financial Planner will not be able to influence the performance outcomes of the investments made: they will be able to ensure that the outcomes your portfolio achieves will do the best that it can to continuously work towards achievement of your investment/ wealth management goals, within the constraints of your financial resources and the risk tolerance you are assessed to bear.

By using a Financial Planner to guide and assist you to manage your wealth and financial strategies, you should be able to ‘sleep at night’ with the confidence that your portfolio is doing all that it can to achieve the identified goals – and you and your ‘family’ should have the ‘peace of mind’ that all will be well for those whom you care for/ about regardless of any interruptions to your physical good health and well-being.