Because financial planning covers so diverse a range of matters, you are likely to be able to benefit from advice from an experienced financial planner as soon as a key lifetime/ financial event occurs.

Key lifetime events include: starting employment (first time; or a change); moving out of your parent’s home; buying a property; entering a relationship (personal or business); starting a business; starting a family; and retirement. For a quick questionnaire that will help you determine whether you are inn need of a financial planner, see the Continuum Financial Planners Financial Health checklist (available on request through our Contact Us page).

Key financial events include: starting a regular income (wages, rent, dividends etc); taking on debt (whether by mortgage, credit card or other credit ‘instrument’); receiving an inheritance; and, benefiting from a capital gain.

The value of consulting a financial planner is less about the amount of money involved than it is the outcomes required – and the complexity of the path to attainment. A good financial planner should – provide an introductory meeting at no cost to you; and be able to show you the value of the fee to be incurred for the services you require. The Continuum Financial Planners ‘client value proposition‘ details our offering in this regard.