Because financial planning covers so diverse a range of matters, you are likely to be able to benefit from advice from an experienced financial planner as soon as a key lifetime/ financial event occurs.

Key lifetime events include: starting employment (first time; or a change); moving out of your parent’s home; buying a property; entering a relationship (personal or business); starting a business; starting a family; and impending retirement. For a quick questionnaire, see the Continuum Financial Planners Financial Health checklist (request one through our Contact Us page).

Key financial events include: starting a regular income (wages, rent, dividends etc); taking on debt (whether by mortgage, credit card or other credit ‘instrument’); receiving an inheritance; and, benefiting from a capital gain.

 The above events will call for consideration of investment planning to meet future goals or commitments; insurance to protect the most significant asset at your service (yourself and your health); and succession/ estate planning.