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Your financial best interest is our motivation: our financial planning services are designed to give you peace of mind.

The professional advisers at Continuum Financial Planners employ their specialist skills and experience to deliver holistic service to a diverse group of clients, including the following key services:

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Investment-pear frame
Investment Strategies
 – whether ensuring the most appropriate account structure; managing cashflow to support investment or savings strategies; confirming serviceability of investment lending; assessing investor risk aversion – and consequently, asset allocation…

Services Retirement
Retirement Planning Strategies 
whether pension-age based, or early retirement; assessing income stream adequacy; ensuring liquidity to facilitate access to funds as required; understanding the taxation implications; gaining understanding and comfort…

Services Superannuation
Superannuation Advice
there’s a lot of hype about fees being the critical factor that decides the final superannuation account balance: in fact, the way funds are invested – the asset allocation within the account – can be of far greater importance: and this is…

Services Personal Risk Insurance
Personal Risk: Life Insurance
income protection for you, asset protection for your family, security for your future – and theirs! Our experienced advisers can show you strategies that will provide comfort that your financial plans for the future are protected…

Services Estate Planning
Estate planning
more than just a Will: providing a plan for your chosen beneficiaries to receive the portion of the estate you intended –
and at the time you intend them to have it. Our experienced advisers are able to guide you in preparation of a brief to a lawyer/ estate planning specialist…    READ MORE… 

Working with the Continuum Financial Planners’ experienced team of advisers and support staff, means that you and your family will benefit from our personalised, professional wealth management services. You will recognise that your best interests are being served, that you will be listened to; and that, with the fee for service philosophy we work to, there will be no fee surprises for you.

With your best interest in mind, we have structured our services to be delivered professionally, yet personalised to your individual and family circumstances. The conservative culture of our business and the professional and caring attitude of our team are important components for the delivery of these customised services. Our goal is to deliver holistic advice to every client – but we do adapt to providing limited scope advice where that is called for in individual cases.

Don, from Currumbin, said this about his ContinuumFP experience:
Whilst they are proactive in keeping us advised about investment offers
that are likely to suit our needs, they are never ‘pushy’ even if they feel
we might be missing an opportunity.”

Clients have spoken in praise of the services we have delivered to them, expressing appreciation for the focus we place on their stated needs. goals and objectives. They appreciate that:

  • we listen to the financial needs and goals of our clients (and prospective clients);
  • we seek all relevant information so as to be satisfied that we understand their financial situation and their short- and longer-term objectives;
  • we analyse the data received and determine strategies so that we can demonstrate that we have solutions to achieving those goals and objectives; and then
  • we offer ongoing adviser service arrangements, packaged in a way that show we care about the best interests of our clients being paramount to how we operate as a business.

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