Investment Strategies

Continuum Financial Planners’ experienced team of advisers are available to work with you to develop, implement and monitor investment strategies that we design to suit your individual investment goals, needs and circumstances. Investment strategies recommended are designed to bring you peace of mind – and confidence – in the financial security you seek for yourself and for your family.

Financial goals such as wealth creation , children’s education funding, asset protection, tax effectiveness and portfolio diversification, utilise a range of investment strategies including:

embracing strategies either within or outside a superannuation structure, as applicable.

Our financial advice seek to harness your financial resources to best satisfy your short-term goals, your medium-term goals and your long-term goals. Each of these timeframes have particular financial characteristics important to how your investment assets are allocated: see the ASIC-related MoneySmart website article for more on this. The investment strategies we recommend for you, utilise steps most appropriate to your particular circumstances.

We offer:personalised, professional wealth management advice

Have you have received a lump sum of money (or are you expecting to do so)?
Are you generating a surplus cash flow?
Are you considering borrowing to acquire an investment property or diversified portfolio?
Are you uncertain that you can identify the most suitable lender, loan type or asset in which to invest?

The experienced advice team at Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd, is available to assist you with prudent borrowing to implement your plan with a margin loan or property mortgage; as well as to advise on investment assets suited to your circumstances. Where a comprehensive financial strategy is recommended, we pay particular attention to all relevant financial and lifestyle needs.

We pride ourselves in our slogan:we listen, we understand, we have solutions

…and assure you that our ‘clients interests first’ policy is consistently applied to all of our clients.

Continuum Financial Planners’ advisers don’t leave you out in the cold once the investment strategy has been recommended and implemented: we offer ongoing services for the regular review of your investment portfolio and will recommend portfolio restructures where that will help achieve your goals as they evolve over time. To access these services, contact us on (07) 3421 3456 or email our helpful staff via our CONTACT US page.

Outline your wealth management needs and we will contact you to arrange a meeting with our experienced advisers.

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