Personal Risk Insurance 

Personal risk insurance is designed to ensure that you and your dependants are financially secure in the event of prescribed events. The insurable events include death, permanent disability, critical illness; and incapacity to work as a consequence of illness, accident or injury. As provided in the relevant policy documentation, personal risk insurance policies will provide a lump sum payment or an ongoing income stream as a consequence of these events.

How much personal risk insurance is needed?

Our detailed evaluation of your particular needs for financial protection arising as a consequence of  one of the above events will be delivered in a personal, comprehensive insurance portfolio recommendation. In arriving at that recommendation, we will advise what financial support is required for those dependant on you to be able to maintain an acceptable lifestyle into the future, including –

  • to meet debt repayments,
  • attend to major home replacement/ renovation needs, or
  • generate an ongoing income stream – and with that,
  • retain peace of mind about their financial future.

Surveys over the past decade have shown that Australians are substantially under-insured: don’t leave you family in financial distress as well as suffering the emotional upset of losing you (whether by impaired capacity – or death)! This situation has prompted the government to mandate that superannuation trustees now consider the personal risk insurance needs of their members, including members of self-managed super funds. These superannuation trustees must consider a similar needs assessment for their members to satisfy this requirement.

Personal Risk Insurance protection can be arranged for –

ContinuumFP personal risk insurance services

Speak to one of our financial advisers to identify your personal risk management needs. We back that service up with an annual review process that ensures that the strategy agreed and implemented stays relevant to your evolving circumstances. To access the Continuum Financial Planners insurance services, contact us or phone our office on  (07) 3421 3456. Our helpful staff will arrange a meeting with you: the first meeting will be at our cost.

Outline your wealth management needs & we will contact you to arrange a meeting with our experienced advisers.

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