Lifestyle Funding

Lifestyle funding - Childrens activities: plan ahead for costly programs In an article published on 2 September 2011 in (authored by Sonja Koremans), it was claimed that one of the modern dilemmas for families is budgeting for lifestyle funding: particularly, funding children's activities. Some extracts from that article, follow – Many households are forsaking financial security and family well-being by taking out loans and running up credit cards to pay [...]

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Household Budget tested raising kids

Revealed: The true cost of raising kids Is the household budget tested raising kids in this modern era? This post seeks to reveal the true cost of raising kids in the current environment. KIDS' soccer training, tennis camps, music lessons, drama, maths tutoring  - the list is endless and they all cost! Even when a household is trying to scrimp and save, most parents still find a way to shell out [...]

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