Estate administration service

Estate Administration service: what is that? Executors over deceased estates are often appointed in family Wills because of the trust held for them by the testator. Some find themselves ill-equipped to manage the various responsibilities that come with that appointment. Estate administration can be compared to the maintenance of a trust account in many respects, with record-keeping an important element of the process. Appointment as Executor of an Estate is, in many [...]

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Estate administration assistance

Estate administration assistance for executors - from Exec Assist Our associated company - Exec Assist Pty Ltd - provides estate administration assistance for executors. People who are first-time appointees to the role of executor of a deceased estate, are often perplexed as to where to start. This service has grown out of the experience we have had working with family estates, client requests and working with lawyers to help clients [...]

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Consequences of dying intestate

What does 'dying intestate' mean? Dying intestate doesn't mean you are doing it tough in another State (and sadly, not alive inter-State – although it might be said that you are in 'another state'; and without having left a valid Will!). When you die without leaving a valid Will, your non-superannuation assets and estate will be managed by the Public Trustee (unless a member of your family successfully applies for Letters of Administration) – [...]

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