Investor risk profiling explained

At its core, investor risk profiling is a process used to assess the level of risk that an investor is willing to take with their financial assets.  The investable assets can be siloed, and a different risk profile applied to each group of assets; however, the overall risk profile of the entire portfolio should remain within the range tolerable to the investor. Each investment asset class has an array of [...]

Advised investors value advice

Investment satisfaction is enhanced with advice At the time that the article on which this post was based was published, the GFC was very fresh in the minds of most readers: we were only eighteen months into the recovery and a lot of work was being done, trying to assess how investors were reacting to the 'new' financial environment: one of the early findings was that advised investors value advice [...]

Debt recycling benefits disciplined investors

Debt recycling benefits disciplined investors. Debt recycling benefits are, by strategy definition, only available to investors.  Investors who gear (borrow to fund) their investment strategies need to be aware of the consequences of having debt against their assets: whilst the leveraging obtained in this way will magnify any gains made through the process, losses too will be magnified in any market downturn. This article is addressing the situation where the [...]

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