Early-age retirement considerations

What is 'early-age' retirement? Amongst the early-age retirement considerations that need to be addressed when contemplating such a move, the consideration of funding the lifestyle you anticipate in that phase of your life is paramount to most. If you are thinking about early-age retirement you will need to establish an income/ cashflow source that is an alternative to your superannuation investment. For the purposes of this article, early-age retirement is leaving [...]

Early-age retirement funding

Planning early-age retirement, funding? Early-age ‘retirement’ funding will be on the mind of some readers, including those with health issues, family/ dependant-support responsibilities, or the ‘financially-able’ all come to mind. Retirement at an early age (and not already independently wealthy), may necessitate establishing an income source that is an alternative to your superannuation (until it is accessible). This may be supplemented in appropriate circumstances, by Centrelink benefits – but if [...]

Age Pension

What is the Age Pension? The Age Pension is a safety net for people of eligible age who are not able to fully, financially provide for themselves, in retirement. It ensures that qualifying people have sufficient income to meet basic living expenses.  The Age Pension provides a level of security for those who have not been able to provide adequately for their financial needs in retirement, regardless of the circumstances that have left them in [...]

Income and Assets Tests

What are the income and assets tests for Centrelink benefits? The income and assets tests are designed for use by Centrelink in determining the level of pension, benefit or allowance an applicant will be entitled to under the government’s welfare regulations and legislation. The tests are both applied in most circumstances. The results from each test is compared and the applicant is paid the least benefit applicable. If the income test allows for a lesser benefit [...]

Superannuation Death Benefits

Superannuation death benefits are payments made by the trustee of a superannuation fund following a member’s death. They include all sums held by the trustee as a consequence of the passing of the member: this includes accumulated contributions, investment earnings - and the proceeds of any life insurance policy entitlements. Even amongst the young superannuation members, the death benefit can be relatively substantial where life insurance is involved. Superannuation death [...]

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