Business Succession strategies

Business Succession strategies give peace of mind A recent report conducted cooperatively by the major accounting firm KPMG with Family Business Australia, reveals that there is a high degree of satisfaction experienced by most small (family) business owners, it also identified that the absence of adequate business succession strategies is a source of concern. The report also identified a number of business strengths. A major threat to the longevity and success [...]

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Business Succession planning critical

Why business succession planning? Business Succession Planning is an important way to provide peace of mind and the comfort of financial independence to the family, partners and business stakeholders of the entrepreneur in control of the business. It ensures that there is an orderly process prescribed for ownership/ governance succession that provides for it to continue following the departure of (one of) the current owner(s). At its simplest, business succession is the act [...]

Buy-Sell Agreement cover

Buy-Sell Agreement cover -  For a Buy-Sell Agreement to be effective, the funding certainty of any exit transactions arising between the parties, will give confidence to all involved. Buy-sell agreement cover is 'simply' the financial arrangements put in place to cover the surviving partner(s) need to pay out under the terms of the agreement. Succession planning In our article discussing Buy-Sell Agreements we disclose how important it is to have a [...]

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Partnership Shareholder Agreements

Why have partnership/ shareholder agreements? Partnership/ shareholder agreements provide a level of comfort and confidence to co-owners; and to other stakeholders in a business. When businesses are being established, owners usually undertake extensive research and due diligence processes to satisfy themselves that the investment (of time, energy, emotion and finances) is going to achieve nominated outcomes. This is all part of business planning: it can be argued that the agreements reached in [...]

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Buy-Sell Agreements

What are Buy-Sell Agreements? Buy-sell agreements are legal contracts that allow for the transfer of a business to a previously agreed party or person. In a sense this is similar to a business sale contract, but rather than entering the contract in known circumstances, this agreement contemplates 'trigger' events which, when they occur, ensure continuity in known circumstances. The agreement means that there will be minimum disruption, confusion, or dispute [...]

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