Transition to Retirement

Funding transition to retirement Looking to ease into retirement?  A number of our clients have made a transition to retirement that is not a burden financially - and it has helped them prepare for some of the challenges of full retirement. (Full retirement we are told, can bring challenges psychologically unless preparation and planning are adequate.1) Those over 55 years of age2 and having sufficient superannuation funds accumulated, have been [...]

Nomination of Beneficiaries

The nomination of beneficiaries (the person/s to receive the benefits arising from an event or transaction) is an action we are called upon to consider in a variety of situations in life. One of the many important elements of prudent wealth management is to have your ‘succession plans’ well documented and understood. In a personal situation, this entails the adoption of a well-structured Estate Plan. An Estate Plan encompasses a [...]

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Retirement Planning Strategies

Retirement planning strategies are one of the specific objectives of a well-considered wealth management plan. Approaching retirement age? Do you want to utilise your superannuation to transition to retirement? Are Centrelink benefits available to you? Is it important that you leave funds for future generations? Retirement income streams may flow from superannuation benefits (most often in the form of pension income) as well as from assets accumulated outside of superannuation; [...]

Estate Planning and Superannuation Assets

Estate Planning and Superannuation Assets are important considerations in Australia, where compulsory superannuation is now held by almost every adult - and certainly by all who have worked full-time any time in the years since it commenced in the 1980's. One of the measures of the success of an estate planning strategy is the effectiveness by which the value of the assets (‘the right amount’) transfer from the testator to [...]

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Estate planning certainty

Estate planning certainty for the ones you love and for whom you intend to provide, is facilitated by undertaking this important exercise whilst you have the capacity to do so. There is nothing more certain than ‘death and taxes’ as we have all been reminded over many decades: tax commitments can, with assistance from expert advising accountants, be determined both as to amount and timing; our mortality is less capable [...]

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