Investor risk profiling explained

At its core, investor risk profiling is a process used to assess the level of risk that an investor is willing to take with their financial assets.  The investable assets can be siloed, and a different risk profile applied to each group of assets; however, the overall risk profile of the entire portfolio should remain within the range tolerable to the investor. Each investment asset class has an array of [...]

Market and Economic Outlook 2015

The Market and Economic Outlook 2015  The market and economic outlook 2015 was prepared to provide our investor clients with a backdrop to the influences that guide our recommendations for the 2015 calendar year. The advisers at ContinuumFP carefully select the managers to invest client monies; and the researchers from whom we take understanding as to the issues that will impact the economy, the markets - and ultimately, the outcome [...]

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Commodities asset class

Investing in the commodities asset class Every day in every way, we use products, substances and materials that are either mined or grown for our benefit and convenience: in this article we explain why the commodities asset class is an important investment portfolio inclusion. What qualifies an investment to be a recognised asset class? There are three criteria to satisfy for an investment opportunity to be included as an asset class: they are [...]

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Investment returns attract

- but International offer probably too good to be true! In times where there has been severe impacts on the valuation of investment assets - and prolonged periods of low returns - offers of higher investment returns attract the attention of many, especially those who feel they have less time available to recover their losses. During the buoyant period after the post-GFC recovery had been under way for about a [...]

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Investors Love Property

Why do Australian investors love property so intensely? That Australian investors love property as an asset class is not a revelation: the reason that it persists is only surprising to some – Is property the saviour that many seem to think? Property has its place in an investment portfolio, but… The following quotes are taken from a flyer recently distributed by a local real estate agent… ‘Every year, consumers are [...]

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