Occupation Definitions for TPD and IP Insurance

Occupation Definitions influence insurance cost and benefit This article addresses the issue of the particular occupation definitions applying to your occupation. Whilst your occupation will impact on the premium you will pay for other forms of life insurance (such as TPD, Income Protection, Business Expense and Key Person Insurance), it is only TPD and IP insurances that have the occupation defined for the purpose of a claim against these policies. The claims-based [...]

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TPD Insurance features and benefits

What is TPD Insurance?TPD Insurance is Total and Permanent Disability insurance Total and permanent disability insurance (TPD insurance) is one of the life insurance policies available to provide personal protection against financial loss arising from an illness or injury that prevents the insured person from returning to (their previous type of) work. TPD Insurance plays a crucial role as part of wealth protection strategies, providing asset protection when needed most. (A useful feature of this type of policy [...]

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