Appointing an EPA

Appointing an EPA - what is that; and, when is one needed? Appointing an EPA is an important process that can save a lot of inconvenience and embarrassment during times of indisposition. An Enduring Power of Attorney (an EPA) is an important legal document that can be self-prepared - or preferably, be professionally prepared - to empower another person to make personal or financial decisions on behalf of the appointor. The appointee becomes attorney the appointor [...]

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Estate Planning urgency

Estate Planning urgency is best highlighted when there is an untimely passing of a family member who hasn't prepared a valid Will by which to guide in the distribution of their estate. You want to ensure that your accumulated wealth is passed on to the right people, in the right proportions and at the right time: that is the ultimate goal of sound Estate Planning! Estate Planning is a critical [...]

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Important Estate Planning elements

What are the important estate planning elements? Some important Estate Planning elements include a Will, an enduring power of attorney (EPA) and insurance cover. In considering your Estate Plan, particularly the drafting of a valid Will, it is important to understand clearly what assets actually form part of your estate – not everything that you have control of is necessarily ‘yours to bequest’! The use of testamentary trusts and the appointment of appropriate executors/trustees are important considerations [...]

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Estate Planning

Why is Estate Planning important? A recurrence of life-changing incidents within a circle of contacts often brings the subject of Estate Planning back into focus. This is an area that each of us who has dependants, particularly financial dependants, owe it to them to ensure that what is being provided for their ongoing well-being is both secured for them and delivered in as timely a manner as possible. Death, or [...]

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Enduring power of attorney

What is an Enduring Power of Attorney - EPA? A document by which a person gives an agent (the attorney) authority to act on his or her behalf is known as a Power of Attorney. The appointment becomes an Enduring Power of Attorney when the document states that the authority to act shall continue regardless of the later mental incapacity of the person giving the power. In Queensland, the Power [...]

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