Regular Saving aids Investment success

The lesson from the 'the tortoise and the hare' fable, delivers investment success! We set out to demonstrate that regular saving aids investment success. This is a lesson that could be taught to children, to make use of their pocket money and have the excitement of achieving investment goals (like buying the new game, or getting the new body board for the next family holiday to the beach!). Saving regular, affordable amounts, consistently [...]

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Investment success comes with patience

Investment success comes with patience: and Dollar cost averaging proves that ‘Slowly but Surely may well Win the race’ Dollar cost averaging has proven itself effective in the continuum of market cycles, regularly demonstrating that investment success comes with patience: but what is it? - and why does it work? What is it? Dollar cost averaging (a tried and tested financial wealth management strategy) is a process of investing a [...]

Risk and Return

Risk and Return: key elements of investment risk profiling Investors' understanding of the terms risk and return is part of the determination of their investor risk profile, an important element in the process when structuring a strategic investment portfolio. Overall financial position and understanding of markets, timeframes available for investing - and the availability of access to capital also play key parts in the determination of that level of risk [...]

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Dollar Cost Averaging

What is dollar cost averaging? Dollar cost averaging is an approach to investing into investment assets which involves investing a set amount of money at regular intervals rather than a larger lump sum at one time. By investing this way you are not attempting to pick the highs and lows of the market, but rather the cost of your investment is ‘averaged’ over many periods. What are the advantages of [...]

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