Nomination of Beneficiaries

The nomination of beneficiaries (the person/s to receive the benefits arising from an event or transaction) is an action we are called upon to consider in a variety of situations in life. One of the many important elements of prudent wealth management is to have your ‘succession plans’ well documented and understood. In a personal situation, this entails the adoption of a well-structured Estate Plan. An Estate Plan encompasses a [...]

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Superannuation contribution eligibility

Superannuation contribution eligibility Superannuation contribution eligibility and regulatory 'caps' determine the rate at which you can accumulate funds for your retirement. Over time, various provisions have varied the rate at which contributions could be made to a superannuation fund. At different times also, different caps have applied whether the contributions were concessional, or nonconcessional. [For more on this aspect of superannuation, refer to our article – Superannuation Investing.] Who Can Contribute to Superannuation? Prior to [...]

Windfall gains wisdom

 - making your tax refund bigger Windfall gains wisdom will ensure that those unexpected financial benefits ‘keep on giving’ as they say. Such gains can arise from a variety of sources, but one that many of us relate to, is the annual tax refund. Around August through October each year many of us will be receiving a refund from the ATO: this is not a generous gesture on behalf of [...]

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Superannuation Death Benefits

Superannuation death benefits are payments made by the trustee of a superannuation fund following a member’s death. They include all sums held by the trustee as a consequence of the passing of the member: this includes accumulated contributions, investment earnings - and the proceeds of any life insurance policy entitlements. Even amongst the young superannuation members, the death benefit can be relatively substantial where life insurance is involved. Superannuation death [...]

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