Market Outlook 2016

The 2015 backdrop to the market outlook for 2016 -  As 2015 drew to a close, we reflected on the disappointments of the year from an investment returns perspective. We then turned our minds toward 2016 hoping, rather than expecting, that the market outlook is for a better year. In this post, we bring you the market outlook that will guide the ContinuumFP investment recommendations for 2016, at least initially. Whilst each of [...]

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Investing surplus cashflow

- from minimum pension drawdown... Does your minimum pension drawdown give rise to surplus cashflow? Have you thought about investing surplus cashflow arising from your pension drawdown? Investing surplus cashflow is most typically a dilemma for self-funding retirees whose pensions accounts provide pension benefits in excess of their lifestyle needs. In response, they seek advice about how best to use those funds effectively (rather than ‘wastefully’). One particular strategy for investing surplus cashflow has been a [...]

Education Funding Options

Before we look at education funding per se, education funding options that include endowment benefits and special purpose funds will be of interest to many of our readers. The following Case Study is hypothetical - and borrowed (see acknowledgement below) - but with revision of the relevant sums of money involved to suit individual circumstances, highlights a strategy that will suit many of you. Case Study: David and Kate are [...]

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Child Endowment Plan Case Study

Child Endowment Plan using an investment bond The following Case Study shows how to use an Investment Bond as a Child Endowment Plan, effectively minimising tax for the stakeholders - and simplifying the investment in an estate planning consideration. The Case Study - Steve, an airline captain and sworn bachelor is the proud god-parent of best mate James’ first born, Stephanie. Steve wants to set up an investment for Stephanie [...]

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Estate Planning Case Study

The following Estate Planning Case Study is just one example of a strategically sound use of investment bonds in securely providing for intergenerational wealth transfer. Gloria, (in her mid 70’s) has substantial investment assets, including $2.2 million from the recent sale of her lifelong family home. As part of her estate planning, she wishes to leave $50,000 to each of her five grandchildren. (The youngest is two and the eldest [...]

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