Economic and Markets Outlook 2018

Economic and Markets Outlook for 2018 – a ContinuumFP, in-house opinion Following our practice over a number of years now, our Economic and Markets Outlook 2018 is presented so that clients, prospective clients and our readers generally are aware of the expectations that our Investment Committee has for the calendar year that has recently commenced. Our discussions with fund manager representatives; and our reading of the reports issued by fund [...]

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Investment Yield

Investment Yield in the decision-making process The investment yield available from any given asset, helps investors determine the appropriate tactic in relation to allocation of investable funds to that asset. The decision could be whether to retain, to acquire, to vary the holding of that asset. When the allocation to an investment is being contemplated, the yield will be a factor in deciding whether or not to purchase. Specifically, the cashflow [...]

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Financial year-end reflection

Where did it go? Financial year-end reflection is quite often useful when considering our investment portfolio - whether that is confined to superannuation account(s) or is diversified to include some non-superannuation investments. This article was written following the 2013 financial year-end: the comments are relevant to how we might reflect following each financial year. Five weeks after the end of the 2013 financial year it seemed that the financial year [...]

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Unit Trusts

This article on Unit Trusts is specifically addressing trust structures used in the public realm, by investors seeking to pool comparatively small amounts of invested capital - though not necessarily small in absolute terms - to achieve returns not likely to be achieved in a direct investment of that amount of capital. What are unit trusts? Unit trusts are investment vehicles for pooling the money of investors. They are a [...]

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