Business Succession Funding benefits survivors

...benefits of funding Buy-Sell Agreements Business succession funding secures the financial certainty of the parties who are dependant on your interest in a business. In other articles written we have challenged readers about the financial well-being of their family and loved ones if they are unexpectedly deprived of their continuing earning capacity (either because of being rendered permanently disabled, or even more extremely, dying). The other stakeholders in your business are [...]

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Buy-Sell Agreement cover

Buy-Sell Agreement cover -  For a Buy-Sell Agreement to be effective, the funding certainty of any exit transactions arising between the parties, will give confidence to all involved. Buy-sell agreement cover is 'simply' the financial arrangements put in place to cover the surviving partner(s) need to pay out under the terms of the agreement. Succession planning In our article discussing Buy-Sell Agreements we disclose how important it is to have a [...]

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Important Estate Planning elements

What are the important estate planning elements? Some important Estate Planning elements include a Will, an enduring power of attorney (EPA) and insurance cover. In considering your Estate Plan, particularly the drafting of a valid Will, it is important to understand clearly what assets actually form part of your estate – not everything that you have control of is necessarily ‘yours to bequest’! The use of testamentary trusts and the appointment of appropriate executors/trustees are important considerations [...]

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Partnership Shareholder Agreements

Why have partnership/ shareholder agreements? Partnership/ shareholder agreements provide a level of comfort and confidence to co-owners; and to other stakeholders in a business. When businesses are being established, owners usually undertake extensive research and due diligence processes to satisfy themselves that the investment (of time, energy, emotion and finances) is going to achieve nominated outcomes. This is all part of business planning: it can be argued that the agreements reached in [...]

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Business Succession

What do we mean by 'business succession'? Succession is the passing of something from the current holder to the next holder: you might think of it as a baton in a relay race. Sometimes succession happens in an orderly, planned way – and on other occasions, it is thrust upon us. Business Succession is no different: we can plan for it; or we can wait for events to catch up [...]

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