Investment success contributor: taxation

Are negative gearing and capital gains tax discounts sustaining your investment success? The investment success contributor for a large number of ‘ordinary’ Australians, is found taxation legislation, supported by settled Case law, in two key areas: Negative gearing deduction; andCapital Gains Tax discounting. From an economic standpoint, housing affordability and first home owner participation (and the politicisation of these emotive issues), should in the main, be considered a distraction – [...]

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Intergenerational wealth management

Intergenerational wealth transfer is about to move significant asset values from the accumulators to the next generation: how will they cope? One of the most difficult financial transitions that those with limited financial literacy or experience in the 'management' of wealth and assets, is the one from modest wealth to substantial financial resources over a short period of time. Intergenerational wealth, if not pre-conditioned, is able to be compared with a [...]

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Financial Year end checklist 2013

The financial year end checklist 2013 contains tax-effective strategies that may be effective for you - depending on your personal financial and taxation circumstances. Employees, professionals, contractors or self-employed business operators (carrying on business under a structure) may benefit from them, but you should confirm any proposed course of action with your accountant, tax agent or financial planner before acting on them. As the financial year draws to a close [...]

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Investors Love Property

Why do Australian investors love property so intensely? That Australian investors love property as an asset class is not a revelation: the reason that it persists is only surprising to some – Is property the saviour that many seem to think? Property has its place in an investment portfolio, but… The following quotes are taken from a flyer recently distributed by a local real estate agent… ‘Every year, consumers are [...]

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Financial Year-end checklist 2012

You want to save tax, right? The following financial year-end checklist 2012, is of items that we can help you get in place by the end of this financial year so as to minimise your tax for this year, or ensure that next year’s tax burden is lightened: Capital Gains: offset strategies are available Superannuation Contributions: can you contribute more without breaching the ‘cap’? Income Protection Insurance: act now to [...]

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