Budget Highlights 2018

Budget Highlights 2018 The Australian Government announced its Budget for the coming year on Tuesday 8 May 2018 (with implications for the ‘forward estimates period’ and beyond), heralding it as ‘A budget to strengthen the economy, create jobs and guarantee essential services while ensuring the Australian Government lives within its means…’. Some highlight features of the Budget are that it – delivers personal income tax cuts,extends/ provides incentives for small [...]

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Budget Highlights 2013

Budget Highlights 2013 The following items, Budget Highlights 2013, were extracted from the 2013 Budget announcements by the Federal Treasurer, as likely to be of interest to our readers. We invite comments on any of the measures and, as usual, are available to review any that directly affect you to assess their impact on your wealth management (including estate planning) strategies. Budget Highlight: Taxation Measures - Replacement of existing Baby [...]

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Achieving Strategic Investment Objectives

Achieving strategic investment objectives is a process When clients first set out to provide for their future financial independence, or to achieve some more specific financial objective, they embark on a journey. Achieving strategic investment objectives then, becomes both a process - and a discipline. This journey starts out with some detailed analysis of present circumstances; takes into account available resources; sets a timeframe; sets investment risk parameters to be [...]

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How Centrelink treats Gifting.1 In order to prevent you from simply giving away your assets to qualify for age pension and other social security benefits, Centrelink and the Department of Veteran Affairs apply gifting rules that impact income support recipients. These rules can be summarised as follows: Two tests apply in respect of assets gifted: a maximum of $10,000 in gifts is allowed in a single financial year (for both [...]

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