Share market volatility

Share market volatility Share market volatility is the reflection of the price action on a daily basis: price action reflects the trades that have been conducted during each day. Trades are made by market participants (traders, as well as investors) based on their portfolio needs, influenced by their perception of the state of the companies in which they deal. For some of the participants, their perception is based on research [...]

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Strategic investment criteria exposed

Investment Markets and Investor Behaviour:strategic investment criteria has been exposed The strategic investment criteria of any investor, will reflect their individual investment philosophy: readers who adopt a more intense trading pattern in their financial management will not find commentary in this article that would relate to that practice. A common theme for both traders and investors will be the desire to improve their position over time: for both, the Risk -v- [...]

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Stimulus package revitalises economy

The stimulus package provided by the Australian government is designed to revitalise our economy; and to secure the jobs of many Australians - and in doing so, to protect the investment into business and industry that provides those jobs. Have you received your ‘bonus’ from the government?How are you planning to ‘spend’ it? In a recent newsletter from the people at Vanguard Investments, an article by James Dunn (a financial [...]

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Economic Outlook 2009

Saving .. clearing debt and investing - In a recent article1 in which the CIO of AXA – Australia and New Zealand published to advisers, his economic outlook for 2009: his comments, following, show a favourable view for the long-term investor (and probably a better outlook for households generally) – beyond the next several months. His headline indicates that “far from lagging the rest of the world, there are signs [...]

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Investment Market influences

Investment Market influences are economic Investment market influences are many and varied: economics is one of the most basic of the fundamentals that influence investment markets - and the focus of this article. But emotion, sentiment, 'information' and bias also have their effect (and they are mentioned in other posts in this website). Central Banks and Monetary Policy As most investors will be aware, Central Banks, such as the Reserve [...]

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