Intergenerational wealth management

Intergenerational wealth transfer is about to move significant asset values from the accumulators to the next generation: how will they cope? One of the most difficult financial transitions that those with limited financial literacy or experience in the 'management' of wealth and assets, is the one from modest wealth to substantial financial resources over a short period of time. Intergenerational wealth, if not pre-conditioned, is able to be compared with a [...]

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Payment Cycles affect cashflow

Wealth management and business asset protection are strategies that are very much aligned.  Payment Cycles affect cashflow and business operators need to exercise caution in extending credit and giving payment commitments. You are invited to share your tips and advice as to how you have successfully negotiated these activities in the past (add Comment below). There are two key indicators for a small business: profitability; and cashflow. The two are [...]

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Estate Planning and Business Succession Planning

Estate Planning is vitally important when a business is involved: and if that business is co-owned with members of extended/ unrelated families, Estate Planning and Business Succession Planning should be undertaken in close sequence, preferably the latter preceding the former. Business Succession Planning assures capital for continuity All businesses need capital to function. This capital will most often come from the business principals (initially by way of start-up/ seed funding; later by retention of [...]

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