Budget Highlights 2012

Budget Highlights 2012 sees a return to Budget surplus. It reflects the government's attempt to ensure that families and small business share in the benefits of the resource boom. It would be fair to say that everyone will be impacted in some way by the measures contained in the Budget itself, or by other recent announcements from the Government that will apply from 1 July 2012. We have listed below some [...]

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Retirement Planning Strategies

Retirement planning strategies are one of the specific objectives of a well-considered wealth management plan. Approaching retirement age? Do you want to utilise your superannuation to transition to retirement? Are Centrelink benefits available to you? Is it important that you leave funds for future generations? Retirement income streams may flow from superannuation benefits (most often in the form of pension income) as well as from assets accumulated outside of superannuation; [...]

Redundancy: some matters to consider

From time to time employers offer (or are committed to) redundancy payments for unscheduled termination of employment arrangements: there are a number of issues to consider if you are placed in this situation – taxation consequences for each of the elements of the payout; superannuation options that may be available; and how your payout might impact any entitlement to Centrelink support. (Voluntary Separation Packages (VSPs) will usually contain similar elements [...]

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Age Pension

What is the Age Pension? The Age Pension is a safety net for people of eligible age who are not able to fully, financially provide for themselves, in retirement. It ensures that qualifying people have sufficient income to meet basic living expenses.  The Age Pension provides a level of security for those who have not been able to provide adequately for their financial needs in retirement, regardless of the circumstances that have left them in [...]

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