Investment success contributor: taxation

Are negative gearing and capital gains tax discounts sustaining your investment success? The investment success contributor for a large number of ‘ordinary’ Australians, is found taxation legislation, supported by settled Case law, in two key areas: Negative gearing deduction; andCapital Gains Tax discounting. From an economic standpoint, housing affordability and first home owner participation (and the politicisation of these emotive issues), should in the main, be considered a distraction – [...]

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Gearing wealth creation – capital gains

Wealth accumulation without breaking the Bank Gearing wealth creation has long been a popular investment strategy: the level of gearing employed significantly impacts the performance of the investment portfolio. Since the 2013 Federal election in Australia, when Negative Gearing was demonised as a cause for high housing cost and low affordability, there has been ‘chatter’ about the benefits accruing to those who utilise this wealth creation strategy; and the distortions that [...]

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Managing Capital Gains Tax events

Have you had a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) event during the year? Managing Capital Gains Tax events so as to minimise the actual CGT payable will optimise the benefit you receive from the 'transaction'. If you have made a capital gain during the year due to the 'sale' of an eligible asset, you may be able to offset some of the taxable capital gain with either business losses or capital [...]

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Capital Gains Tax impact on estate bequests

What is the Capital Gains Tax impact on estate bequests? When undertaking your estate planning, be aware that there may be capital gains tax (CGT) issues to be considered by your legal personal representative (the executor of your estate) – or by a beneficiary under your Will: a CGT liability could crystallise on the sale (or transmission/ transfer) of an asset – such as shares or an investment property, left to [...]

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Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax (CGT) is a tax payable on the increase in the capital value of investments when a CGT event occurs. There are a number of CGT events that can happen in relation to an asset, however the two main ones occur when an asset is sold, or when an asset is transferred. Assessable income from a capital gain is taxed in your hands in the same manner as [...]

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