Financial Education for children

Financial education for children (of all ages) is a gift that will see them in good stead for the rest of their lives.  As a responsible parent/ adult, mindful of your goal to provide financial independence for yourself and for your family, you have established a financial planning strategy; you have accumulated financial wealth; you have a well-considered ‘estate plan’; and to the extent necessary, supported this with life insurances [...]

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Children’s investment income taxed

What tax is payable on children's investment income (minors)? The tax rates payable by individuals, resident of Australia, on income earned from all sources are set out in Tables on this page on the ATO website. The effect is that no tax is payable on taxable income until it is clearly in excess of $20,000 (as at June 2021). Children's investment income is caught under specific taxing rules. Where the individual [...]

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Lifestyle Funding

Lifestyle funding - Childrens activities: plan ahead for costly programs In an article published on 2 September 2011 in (authored by Sonja Koremans), it was claimed that one of the modern dilemmas for families is budgeting for lifestyle funding: particularly, funding children's activities. Some extracts from that article, follow – Many households are forsaking financial security and family well-being by taking out loans and running up credit cards to pay [...]

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Household Budget tested raising kids

Revealed: The true cost of raising kids Is the household budget tested raising kids in this modern era? This post seeks to reveal the true cost of raising kids in the current environment. KIDS' soccer training, tennis camps, music lessons, drama, maths tutoring  - the list is endless and they all cost! Even when a household is trying to scrimp and save, most parents still find a way to shell out [...]

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Learned financial skills

Financial skills (literacy) have been a topic of discussion for many years, but learned financial skills - effective or otherwise - have been passed on within household groups for decades. It is commonly recognised that the greatest influence we have on the development of our children is their mimicking our behaviour whether as parents or other adult carers - and they learn from our behaviours more readily than they do by [...]

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