Life Insurance Sensibility

What is your attitude to Life Insurance? There is often an air of reluctance to discuss personal life risk matters.  Life insurance sensibility is your general attitude to this topic. In this post, we trust that you will come to see that some of the life risks that you encounter can: have a devastating effect on your financial future; andthat financial risk to you and your family, can be mitigated using appropriate [...]

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TPD Insurance within Superannuation

Should I hold my TPD insurance within Superannuation? In our article 'Superannuation linked Life Insurance', we discussed which insurance products could be taken through a superannuation account. TPD Insurance is one product that is eligible to be held within superannuation. We  also revealed some of the limitations on such a practice, that are imposed through the Superannuation Industry Supervision (SIS) legislation. Since that article was published, readers have raised questions as to the [...]

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Trauma Insurance beneficial

Following is a realistic Case Study1 about a family who avoided financial distress amidst emotional trauma, because they took appropriate advice and found trauma insurance beneficial: Peter and Jenny are like many other young couples in Australia. They have two great kids aged 11 and 14, and Peter works full-time and the main breadwinner for the family. Jenny has a small eBay store that she runs from home to make [...]

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Life insurance claims

- and claims about insurance claims paid Do you ever wonder whether life insurance claims will actually be paid when the time comes? (We often hear clients express concern about this: and they give that as the reason for why they haven't taken out protection recommended to them using life insurance products.) In mid-2010, we received a report from AXA that showed their total claims paid for the 2009 calendar [...]

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Trauma insurance protection

What is Trauma Insurance - and what protection does it provide? Trauma insurance is a life insurance product that provides a claim benefit on the diagnosis of certain, prescribed/ defined conditions. Trauma insurance protection comes in the form of a financial benefit payment on the occurrence of eligible 'medical' conditions, or a policy-defined event, which may render the policyholder incapable of working for a period of time. It is paid [...]

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