Economic and Markets Outlook 2019

Economic and Markets Outlook 2019 The Economic and Markets Outlook 2019 offered by Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd is prepared to provide a backdrop to the investment recommendations we will make, particularly in the early part of the calendar year, from information published by a range of investment analysts, economists and researchers on whom we rely. It is published for transparency, so that investor clients can have an understanding of [...]

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Commodities asset class

Investing in the commodities asset class Every day in every way, we use products, substances and materials that are either mined or grown for our benefit and convenience: in this article we explain why the commodities asset class is an important investment portfolio inclusion. What qualifies an investment to be a recognised asset class? There are three criteria to satisfy for an investment opportunity to be included as an asset class: they are [...]

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Property asset class – an Aussie favourite

The following article is posted to examine what has made the property asset class so favoured in the Australian investment landscape, what makes a good decision about including property as part of your assets (investment portfolio); and where a prospective property buyer might turn for assistance in making a property acquisition. Is the Property asset class an Investment; or a Lifestyle holding? One of the significant changes coming over the next decade [...]

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Investment bonds

What are Investment Bonds? Investment bonds are financial securities provided in a specific form by life insurance companies and friendly societies. Although the term “bond” is used, each bond is essentially a sub-trust under a master trust; and eligible for special taxation treatment as they are issued under - and governed by  - the Life Insurance Act of 1995. These bonds were traditionally referred to as Insurance Bonds. Whilst they [...]

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Strategic Asset Allocation to achieve financial goals

Strategic asset allocation focuses on financial goals Strategic asset allocation is made when the investor selects portfolio assets according to their risk profile, liquidity, timeframe and other relevant investment considerations set out in their strategic financial plan. Strategy is King It has always been the case that in business or financial management, well-devised (preferably documented) strategy will always outperform random decision-making over the longer-term. Experienced, successful investors ensure that their [...]

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