Financial planning advice adds Value

That financial planning advice adds value is not challenged by those who engage the ongoing services of an experienced, qualified financial planner. This truth has been verified in research published from time to time (and we have previously posted about their findings). “Free advice: it costs you nothing; and is worth the price” or so the old adage goes! In our position as financial planners we are very much aware [...]

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Clients Value Our Proposition

“... professional wealth management advice, personalised to your circumstances: we listen, we understand, we have solutions...and we care! ” Clients value our proposition Clients value our proposition regarding the services we offer: they testify to having peace of mind about their wealth management affairs - and their financial well-being. They appreciate the comfort and assurance that the extensive experience of our advisory and support staff apply to tailor advice to [...]

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The value of financial planning advice

How do we decide we have received 'value'? The value of financial planning advice is not just perceived: it is a realised experience for most clients of professional financial planners. We are all conscious of the costs of things generally (whether they be 'goods' or 'services'): at the end of the day, we don’t want to spend our hard-earned money on anything that doesn’t give at least, perceived value. Sometimes [...]

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Ongoing Adviser Services

Ongoing Adviser Services - The Value of Advice Ongoing adviser services ensure that the financial goals and objectives you are working toward and the strategic plan to achieve them, stay on track – or are revised to adjust to your changing circumstances. By maintaining regular communication with your adviser, the experiences of the growth and development of your portfolio (unfortunately, not always in a positive direction) can better be weathered [...]

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