Market volatility anxiety

Market volatility anxiety persists especially during times of extreme volatility...but we're looking out for you! in fair times, or foul. Market volatility anxiety is an issue for many investors, especially following extreme events of either significant falls in value in a short period, or in periods of persistent 'abnormal' levels of volatility. It happened after 'the crash' of October 1987; again following the 'tech bust' in the years following 2000; during [...]

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Financial Planning advice

...get what you pay for - Financial planning advice is not only about what return you might be able to earn on funds you wish to invest. It goes much deeper than that and as surveys show, clients of financial planners working to a comprehensive strategy are often financially better-off than their peers, but are also more at ease with their position. Whilst only 2 in every 10 Australians who [...]

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Wrap of the October 2010 Client Briefings

October 2010 Briefing wrap- The recent round of Client Briefings finished this week with Warwick presentation held Wednesday 13 October – at the Jackie Howe Motel. The agenda for the meetings included presentations from key speakers on Economic Update and Financial Market projections; as well as Intergenerational Wealth Planning. A brief précis of these presentations follows: The Noosa presentation started the round this time and our attendees heard- Peter Cashman [...]

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ContinuumFP Award

ContinuumFP Award: Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd was named Securitor 2010 Practice of the Year at the Queensland Securitor Professional Development Day in March 2010. ContinuumFP (Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd) was recognised for its achievements during 2009, including outstanding client engagement and highly developed business processes - as well as for its contributions to, and advocacy for, Securitor Financial Group Limited as a Dealer Group (Australian Financial Services Licensee). [...]

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Strategic investment action consistently applied

Strategic investment action ...Investing using dollar cost averaging Strategic investment action implemented by clients in the early months of the recovery from the GFC that started on 9 March 2009, was cautiously undertaken using dollar cost averaging. As the ‘dark (became) less dark’1 we noted improvements in client portfolios - and our clients gradually became more confident that even greater gains were coming. We encouraged investors to consider their investment objectives and [...]

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