Funding early retirement

Funding early retirement can be a challenge Funding early retirement is an important consideration for those choosing to opt out of the workforce before the traditional retirement age. The traditionally accepted age for retirement is 65. Whilst there is often discussion that this age should be extended because of extended life expectancy over the past century: nevertheless it is still the case that large numbers of people find themselves ‘retired’ well before that [...]

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Early-age retirement funding

Planning early-age retirement, funding? Early-age ‘retirement’ funding will be on the mind of some readers, including those with health issues, family/ dependant-support responsibilities, or the ‘financially-able’ all come to mind. Retirement at an early age (and not already independently wealthy), may necessitate establishing an income source that is an alternative to your superannuation (until it is accessible). This may be supplemented in appropriate circumstances, by Centrelink benefits – but if [...]

Superannuation Nonconcessional Contributions

What are superannuation nonconcessional contributions? Superannuation nonconcessional contributions are contributions that have been made - by an individual member; andfor which a tax deduction has not been claimed. Going by the nomenclature NCC, these contributions have, in the past, been referred to as 'undeducted contributions': they count towards your non-concessional contributions cap (see more below). Why make nonconcessional contributions? (The benefits of making nonconcessional contributions) There are many advantages in [...]

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Capital Gains Tax Small Business Concessions

The Capital Gains Tax small business concessions apply to provide a measure of CGT relief on the disposal of certain assets by eligible small business taxpayers. This relief applies in addition to any CGT discounting relief the taxpayer may be entitled to. What Capital Gains Tax small business concessions are available? The CGT small business concessions available include: Where you are over 55 and retiring, a total exemption of the gain on “active assets” [...]

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