The Value of Advice confirmed

Perception of the value of advice received, supports our conviction to act - and to act with confidence - in many of our life experiences: in this article, we focus on the value of advice in a wealth management/ financial planning environment.  In that context, we contemplate: the hierarchy of value of advice from different sources, some key aspects of valued advice that cause us to action the advice, how [...]

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Risk Profiling for Investor confidence

Risk profiling applied, means better peace of mind for the investor Investor risk profiling is used to assess the level of aversion an investor has to the risks involved with the various investment markets and/ or asset classes into which they may be investing. Risk profiling is undertaken in a variety of formats, usually addressing attitude to risk in a general sense, but also exploring time horizons, adaptability to volatility - and [...]

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Investor confidence survey

Investor confidence survey results: on which investors? Investor confidence survey results are published by various analysts from time-to-time, as they try to determine the direction that investors might take a market over a given future period. For purposes of this article, investors are ‘ordinary folk’ like you and me - the type of person that our firm services as clients! As ‘ordinary folk’ we are bombarded on a daily basis [...]

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Investment market reaction to policy inadequacy

Market Reaction should be tempered as U.S. Government bailout package is not dead! Investment market reaction to the policy inadequacy of the US Houses of Congress overnight shows a high level of dissatisfaction - and frustration - on the part of investors. This article argues that more will be done and that investors may need to be patient.   The announcement this morning that the US Government’s financial rescue package [...]

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