Income Replacement Insurance

Comparing Income Protection Insurance with Salary Continuance Insurance Income replacement insurance is a form of wealth protection that provides an income stream to replace a 'normal' income stream (such as wages or profit from a self-employed business). It is important to provide financial stability during times of interrupted earning occasioned by accident or illness. Income Protection insurance is the more common name for this particular life insurance product, but when [...]

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Superannuation linked Life Insurance

What is superannuation linked life insurance?Should I have life insurance product linked to my superannuation? Superannuation linked life insurance products are those that have elements of the protection for the insured covered both inside and external to superannuation. A particular policy structure links the two elements. Many of us have at least some of our life insurance protection paid through our superannuation accounts. In some cases this is a cash flow [...]

Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance (is Salary Continuance Insurance under some Superannuation accounts) Income Protection Insurance provides financial protection for the insured, against a loss of income whilst they are unable to work due to illness or injury. The policy will provide for the insured to be paid a prescribed benefit after the conditions of disablement have been met and the nominated waiting period has elapsed. Generally, to qualify for an income protection benefit [...]

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Income Protection Insurance matters

Income Protection Insurance matters - getting the best out of your personal risk protection Income Protection Insurance matters because it provides cashflow certainty at a time when you are unable to physically earn your regular income. Referred to as Salary Continuance insurance in an employer group/ superannuation context, this insurance provides regular payments for an agreed period of time, starting thirty days after the latter of: your successful claim having [...]

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