Stroke Trauma Insurance

Stroke Trauma Insurance - young tradesman's family finances protected This is a Case Study1 about a young tradesman who took timely advice and his family finances were protected: a stroke trauma insurance claim experience that could apply to any of us. [We are assured the story is real; the names have been changed.]  Darren, at age 34, was an electrician employed by a national building contractor: six years prior to [...]

Life Insurance transfers personal risk

Life insurance transfers personal risk in the financial sense, providing claims benefits when qualifying events occur - and when financial resources (and people dependant on us) are most at risk. Do you want to bet That you don’t need it? That’s exactly what you are doing when you fail to ensure that you are insured! You bet your family that you will stay in great health for the rest of [...]

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Personal financial risk management

What is personal financial risk management? Personal financial risk management addresses one of the two key features of a well-constructed financial plan – wealth creation and wealth preservation - the preservation aspect of the plan is addressed in this post. Wealth creation is designed to build capital, based on the assumption that you will have continued good health and have an expected timeframe over which to reach the goal.Wealth preservation often [...]

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Important Estate Planning elements

What are the important estate planning elements? Some important Estate Planning elements include a Will, an enduring power of attorney (EPA) and insurance cover. In considering your Estate Plan, particularly the drafting of a valid Will, it is important to understand clearly what assets actually form part of your estate – not everything that you have control of is necessarily ‘yours to bequest’! The use of testamentary trusts and the appointment of appropriate executors/trustees are important considerations [...]

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Financial security assessment

Financial security assessment - a self-test: A financial security assessment of your family's capacity to deal with a health or well-being crisis that could impair your ability to fund financial needs for the immediate- as well as for the longer-term - should be undertaken regularly, to satisfy yourself (and them) that their greatest concern will only be recovery from the impairment. Why is a financial security assessment necessary? Consider the [...]

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