Choose the right Credit Card

...and review the credit card choice regularly! Choosing the right credit card isn't always an easy exercise. The following article is posted for convenient reference by our readers: it is a copy of the article acknowledged as - Source: The Sunday Mail (Qld) February 05, 2012. Author – Noel Whittaker 1 NOTE 1: The government's MoneySmart website has a Page dedicated to this topic and we have provided a link here, to [...]

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Strategic credit card selection

Strategic credit card selection Strategic credit card selection to satisfy your needs, at least cost - and then using it wisely - is an important, albeit challenging task. It means making some decisions, responding to the following questions: Debt management – or Rewards: What is best for you? Is it clearing your credit card debt? Or is it getting the best Rewards package on your credit card? We recently posted a website [...]

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Debt Management

Poor debt management can be as debilitating to your financial well-being as disease can be to your physical well-being! Manage it at all levels and it can enhance your financial position. Most of us have to deal with debt at some stage or other of our lives; and we all use debt in different ways at different stages of our lives. Managing the burden that comes with debt is an [...]

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Debt management: credit cards

Debt management: credit cards can be the bane of our lives - if improperly managed. The festive season is synonymous with overindulgence. But along with some unwanted kilos, Christmas can also leave us lumbered with a credit card debt drag. The pre-Christmas spending season traditionally sees Australians give their credit cards a solid workout. Last year we collectively spent $3 trillion more on our cards in November and December than [...]

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Learned financial skills

Financial skills (literacy) have been a topic of discussion for many years, but learned financial skills - effective or otherwise - have been passed on within household groups for decades. It is commonly recognised that the greatest influence we have on the development of our children is their mimicking our behaviour whether as parents or other adult carers - and they learn from our behaviours more readily than they do by [...]

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